Watauga Substance Abuse Prevention | Watauga Substance Abuse Prevention (WSAP)
Watauga Substance Abuse Prevention (WSAP)

For more information about the connection between alcohol and cancer, please explore this document from NCPUDi.


We are a data-driven, evidence-based, multi-sector coalition with a goal to reduce youth substance use and abuse in Watauga County, North Carolina.

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Did You Know...?

Watauga High School (WHS) Students Reported Using Alcohol Within 30 Days


WHS Students Reported Using Marijuana Within 30 Days


ASU Students Reported Being Able to Purchase Alcohol Without Being Carded


WHS Students Reported Using Prescription Medication Without a Doctors Order

We partner with the community to prevent and reduce the misuse of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medication by youth through awareness, advocacy, and action.