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WSAP Good Neighbor Initiatives | In Your Faith Communities...

Faith communities have a unique opportunity to impact congregates through Good Neighbor Covenants that outline their commitment to safeguard youth from the dangers of underage drinking and drug use.

What Faith Communities Can Do:

— Participate in monthly WSAP meetings and recruit pastors, ministers, and church leaders to be active participants in WSAP strategies and initiatives.

— Provide information for parents and adults on low-risk drinking guidelines, safe alcohol and drug storage techniques, and tips and tools for talking to kids about alcohol and drugs.

— Include evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention programming in youth activities.

— Host alcohol and drug-free activities such as movie nights, bonfires, and lock-ins, during crucial out-of-school hours that discourage youth from participating in risky behaviors.

— Adopt formal policies and procedures regarding alcohol and drug use for youth and adults, and commit to best practice solutions for counseling and/or referral to treatment.


Resources for Faith Communities:

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