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Good Neighbor businesses that are permitted to sell alcohol for on and off-premise consumption are the first line of defense in preventing the sale of alcohol to minors. By decreasing alcohol availability, Good Neighbor businesses can, in turn, reduce alcohol-related problems and crime among youth.

What Good Neighbor Restaurants/Bars Can Do:

— Prohibit the sale of alcohol to underage or intoxicated persons.

— Ask for identification and only serve alcohol to adults who are 21 years and older, presenting an acceptable form of ID.

— Abide by NC hours of sale laws (7am-2am Monday-Saturday and 12pm-2am Sunday) and NC happy hour laws.

— Receive annual ABC Commission-approved responsible beverage service training and require all new servers complete online responsible beverage service training.

— Provide information to patrons about the Good Samaritan Law, providing immunity for certain drug and alcohol-related offenses when seeking medical attention for a alcohol or drug-related emergency.

— Display “We ID” signage.